5 Reasons to Add a Time Clock to Your Payroll System

5 Reasons to Add a Time Clock to Your Payroll System

Scheduling and handling employees are such a tedious task for the managerial department of any organization, be it small or giant. You can make errors while calculating work hours and overtime of your employees by punching clock cards. Because, admit it, if you are human you can bound to produce mistakes.

Now, all employees are salaried according to the data of your payroll system. If your payroll system is defective, your employee may conflict and this will hamper your work atmosphere.

Why not install a biometric time clock to improvise your payroll system?

These are the 5 reasons that might help you to make your mind.

1. Accurate Tracking of Work hours

Aren’t you tired of maintaining hundreds of attendance sheets and tallying it at the end of every month? And again you have to compare the entries with those submitted by your employees. Sometime your employees may be too busy to track their own time. Or, there’s always an existing chance of fraudulent activity by your employees especially at the ending of lunch breaks.


2. Simplified payroll system

The device will collect all the information from each and every employee and store it to a central file. All you have to do is access the data and activate the salary processing. There’s no delay in payments, so your employees are also satisfied.

3. Supervision

During an instance, your employee may be absent from the office when their presence is highly recommended. But if you fail to detect such activities, the employee may be overpaid. In a contrasting scenario, another employee may choose to work after the office hours and you being absent at that time may not render him his deserved share of payment.

Payroll system solves both of these dilemmas with complete ease.

4. Enforcement of terms

Sometimes many of your employees are so overburdened with the work that they may choose not to take their deserved span of a break. This will cause work stress resulting in frustration of your employees. You can access your payroll system to check if any employees have not taken a break and thus suggest them to go out and chill for a while!

5. Relocation of Records

Many a time you have to spend a lot of time to shift records to and from your company headquarters. But in case of a time clock based payroll system, all your attendance records will be stored in a central file.
You may notice a particular employee swiping in at two different office branches at the same time. You can detect this fraudulent activity and warn them about the same.


A time clock attached to your payroll system can work wonders for you! With so many added benefits wrapped in it, you work will no more be hassled. You can also order a free trial version to see if it is worth your money and the security of your organization.

Online Funerals and Camaraderie between Online Players

Online Funerals and Camaraderie between Online Players

Gaming has long been a part of the lives of many millions of people. Unfortunately, not only adults, but also adolescents, are affected by computer games. Children are most susceptible to computer dependence and it often happens that real life and virtual life are so closely intertwined that the line between them is practically erased.

Gamers with addictions have a changed perception of reality. Often, role-play games capture you so much that players in these virtual worlds, although never met in reality, become close friends.

The modern world dictates new trends that a few years ago would look wild, however, in reality we are now facing new variants of public relations in the world of Gaming. With the advent of virtual worlds in 1995, there appeared virtual funerals and cemeteries for players who died in real life. These virtual cemeteries are visited by gamers to honor the memory of those with whom they once shared the game. The memorial site name is World Wide Cemetery, and this is quite a popular place for virtual funerals with real grief.

Nowadays, there is such a form of dependence as attachment to the player. The identities of the gamers are close to their original appearance. But unlike real life, in the game you can be someone very big, someone respected and admired. Mourning online has its own language. It can be a code, like “o7” in the space-game Eve.

The game could be saved up to the location where the gamer last played, so that can be re-watched many times. Either the account of the passed away gamer can be kept alive for free, like it was done by the game developer Turbine for one of the players.

One of the famous fans of World of Warcraft was Robin Williams. When he passed away the company made in his honor some modifications of the characters. Another famous person was Steve Warner, the owner of some believe was the best football prediction site in the world. There are literally hundreds of “famous” people who you might not know of, but in the small gaming and online communites they were legends.

Funeral in real life can be accessed far not for everyone, but only for family members. While online funerals can have an unlimited number of participants and serve as a consolation for mourners over a virtual friend. Online mourning helps players cope with the very real feelings of grief and sadness.

However strange it may sound, virtual funerals and cemeteries should exist. This phenomenon is quite new for humanity, but still, in fact, they play the role of a buffer zone for the ejection of emotions, because online players are very attached to each other. To honor the memory of deceased players they can often directly in the game using their virtual characters.

Virtual universes grow from year to year. Also grow and virtual cemeteries. Internet cemeteries are visited not only by the players but also by the relatives and mourners of the deceased. Often the family wants to know more about the pastime of their lost member, to see what he actually saw himself. It happens that the relatives of the deceased players continue to play on their behalf, thereby supporting the living character of the game and preserving his avatar.

5 reasons why online games are popular

5 reasons why online games are popular

Playing games is a great way of spending some relaxed time. It helps you to deal with stress and keeps your brain active. Online gaming has gained popularity in the recent years. People feel very excited to play these games. Here ae the reasons why.


Online games are accessible to the users. They can play it on their desktop, laptop or smartphone. It is easy to pick up a game and have a great experience. There are many easily accessible free online games available that you can enjoy. Just try the Google Gaming Apps or Apple’s Gaming Apps to get some really nice free games.

Extensive choice

Another reason free games are popular is because of the number of choices available. There are puzzle-based games, sports simulations, and more. There are games where you can even make money just by playing. There are just tons of choices nowadays.


You can play many online games for free. Some sites also give a rewards for playing well. There are some sites that will charge you, but they are affordable. Sometimes you need to buy their cash or bucks, or you buy upgrades, armor, buy a star or whatever that particular games wants you to spend money on. Charges can be as little as 10 cents. Everything really is cheap when it comes to online gaming.


The online games are enjoyable. There are games available for different levels of players, from beginners to the advanced level players. So, any player will find a suitable game to play.

Different opponents

You will find a variety of opponents in online games. You can play against your friends or with complete strangers. This increases the excitement and creates a competitive environment for playing.

Online games are fun and exciting. You get to be part of a community and learn new skills from other people. You get a chance to test your own skills as well. So, for some super exciting gaming experience, you must play online games.

Infographic by: visual.ly

5 tips to choose the right gaming console

5 tips to choose the right gaming console

For a great gaming experience, buying the right gaming console is very important. Here are some tips to buy the right gaming console.

Do thorough research

This is a very important step in buying the right gaming console. Instead of wandering blindly in a store, you should check out what’s available in the market. You should read reviews and specifications and know the difference between the various gaming consoles before buying one for yourself.

Know what you want

If you are interested in games like racing, shooting or sports, then you should have a console with HG graphics. You can buy PS3, for example. If you are looking for various games of all ages then you can buy Wii.

Know the types of games available on the console

You must find out what kinds of games are available on various consoles. Different games are suitable for different platforms. You must get a great feel for the game using the appropriate console. You should realize that not all games are available on all platforms. So, you should choose a platform that allows you to play the type of games you want to play. And make sure you have a fast enough router.

Compare the prices

You can check various gaming websites to get the best deals online. You should compare the prices of various consoles in different sites to get the best deal. Most consoles are reliably built these days, but you should still be looking at things like construction, reliability reviews, warranties.

Take help from the shop assistant

Shop assistants know the different features of the gaming console and will be able to help you to find an appropriate console for you. Tell the shop assistant about your requirements and preferences and let the shop assistant guide you.

Consider these tips when buying a good gaming console. Without the right console, you won’t be able to have a good experience playing your favorite game.

Top 4 ways to improve your gaming experience

Top 4 ways to improve your gaming experience

You don’t need to buy the latest platform to improve your gaming experience. Some small additions can make all the difference. Here are some ways to have a great gaming experience without spending much money.

Analog stick covers

With use, the rubber grips of the controller start to fall apart. Instead of buying a new controller you can buy analog stick covers. This way your controller will last for a long time.

Capture equipment

For getting high-quality video, you need some dedicated gear. You can use Game Capture HD60 of Elgato. It will give you 1080p60 game capture. It works with any HDMI signal. So, the users of Xbox One and Xbox 360 can use it. For PS3 users, the older Game Capture HD is appropriate.

Remote play

The remote play option of PS4 is great. With PlayStation TV or Vita, you can play console games from any place. You can play it sitting in front of the big screen or on your bed.


You need a good headset to play the online multiplayer game. Communication is very important for strategy and tactics. So, a good quality headset is essential. You can buy HyerX headset fromKingston. It is a great cross platform solutions.

By including these in your gameplay you will be able to have a great experience in playing games. You will feel the difference these simple gears make to your gaming experience. So, do some research and buy these to enhance your gaming experience.