Can Fallout 76 still be saved? – What Bethesda needs to do now

Can Fallout 76 still be saved? – What Bethesda needs to do now

The problems of Fallout 76 are…too much. What must Bethesda do now to save the game? Let’s take a look at the five biggest construction sites that the makers will have to work on in the coming weeks.

The last weeks of the year were certainly different for Bethesda. The state in which Fallout 76 was released has been the subject of intense criticism from players and critics for weeks. In our test of the online role-playing game we also had to find several blatant flaws. As a result of the negative reactions, the game was already available a short time after release, partly reduced by half.

Although there are no official sales and current player numbers in Fallout 76, it should be pretty clear that the developers at Bethesda Game Studios need to make changes as quickly as possible to prevent the title from dying a quick death. The creators should concentrate on the following important areas.

The technology

One of the biggest problems with Fallout 76 is its technical condition. The aging Creation Engine is not always able to provide a smooth gaming experience, despite its poor graphics quality. Here the performance has to be worked on as soon as possible. so that at least no one is disturbed by Ruckler anymore. The graphics will certainly not win a beauty award anymore, but at least the many graphic glitches like floating objects, blurred textures and non-loading objects have to be fixed.

In addition to the client-side technology, the servers must also be properly screwed. They are not really stable yet. It doesn’t always require extraordinary actions, like detonating three atom bombs at the same time, to crash a server. During our test it happened to us again and again that we lost the connection to the server in various situations. Especially annoying, if the progress of the quest is lost.

The group game

Up to four players can currently form a group. Apart from divisible Perks, however, there are hardly any advantages in forming a team. For example, experience points and quest progress will not be shared among party members. For example, this creates problems when players at different levels join forces. While the higher level character will kill enemies without any problems, the lower level player must always be on the lookout to inflict at least one damage point on each enemy as quickly as possible in order to gain any experience points at all.

Even different ways of playing, such as melee, can be severely disadvantaged by this system. Especially when a group of friends agrees on different roles for their characters, this form of “roleplaying” should not be torpedoed by an unfair distribution of experience points. The fact that groups share their experience and progress in quests is standard for online games and should be changed as soon as possible.

The PvP

The way in which PvP is currently handled in Fallout 76 is not satisfactory for fans of the confrontation with other players. It can be used unfairly to the advantage of the attacked player and is detrimental to a number of character builds. As a result, PvP battles rarely really occur. This is where developers need to create new incentives. One possibility would be to design the already existing pacifist mode in such a way that players with this option will not suffer any damage instead of just causing no damage to players themselves.

In this way, the need to defend against an attack before a PvP battle starts could be completely eliminated. If you play without pacifist mode, you can expect to get damage from players at any time. Another possibility would be to establish a second server type on which PvP is basically active, while PvE is in focus on the other servers. In this way, everyone could devote themselves to their preferred form of play.

The storage problem

Fallout 76 wants to be a survival game that will keep you on your toes with hunger, thirst, and the constant maintenance of your equipment. The player is also encouraged to set up and defend his own camp as a retreat. Of course, all this is not for free. So the only logical thing you do as a player is to stockpile all the food and resources you can get your hands on. But now items in Fallout have always had a certain weight and the carrying capacity of the character is limited accordingly.

For the storage of objects there is therefore the so-called storage box. However, this is also currently limited to only 400 weight units. However, given the amount of material there is to collect, this is not really much. Especially if you still store one or the other legendary item as well as parts of power armor, you are damn quickly at the limits of your capacity. Now an increase of the crate to 600 weight units has already been announced. But that’s not really satisfying. Here Bethesda has to come up with further improvements.

The narrative style

As we have already described in the test, the presentation of the story through audio logs and readable texts is not everyone’s cup of tea. Although Fallout 76 has some interesting stories to offer if you get involved, in the long run this form of storytelling is simply boring. Should Bethesda ever want to integrate new quests and actions, they should definitely not think about abandoning their “No NPCs” strategy. It’s just part of a role-playing game that you talk to characters of the game world and in the best case still make dialogue decisions.

No matter how the developers plan to tackle the big problems of Fallout 76, the task is a daunting one. It wouldn’t be the first time that an online title with a problematic start changes for the better and becomes a popular game to play. Ubisoft, for example, has shown the way with The Division, which experienced a kind of second spring after a series of updates. However, compared to Fallout 76, the initial problems there were relatively manageable. Even if Bethesda can’t turn the tide here anymore, let’s hope they’ve learned from this experience for the future.

Fortnite – New event lets content creators earn money from their fans’ purchases

Fortnite – New event lets content creators earn money from their fans’ purchases

Epic lets Youtuber, Streamer and Co. profit from ingame purchases of their fans in Fortnite during an event.


Epic’s latest Event Support a Creator focuses on the content creators around Fortnite. These include Youtuber, Streamer and Cosplayer. Anyone who creates content around Fortnite will receive a share of the event’s profits when fans buy V bucks in-game for the real money currency.


The developer wants to honor and support everyone who creates content around Fortnite. The event starts next week on Monday, October 8th with the next Fortnite update and runs until December 31st.

In order to participate, fans only need to select Support a Creator when buying in the shop or via the Loot tab in “Save the World”. Then simply enter the Epic tag (the username) of your favorite creator. This remains selected for the rest of the event. Every time you spend V-Bucks (bought or earned in the game), you get a part of the revenue. You have to support a creator for at least 14 days, but you can change after that without any problems.

How to participate as Creator

If you are a Streamer, Youtuber, Cosplayer, Artist, Musician or you create content for Fortnite via another platform, you can apply for the event. Information on how to apply for the “Support a Creator” event can be found on the official website.

You must regularly create Fortnite content and have at least 1,000 followers on any platform. In addition, you must complete the Business Partner Agreement with Epic, follow the Creators Code of Conduct, and accept payments in the form offered. The financial contribution is five dollars or the equivalent of the local currency per 10,000 V bucks.

Fortnite: Get V-Bucks for free and buy in the shop – here’s how it works

##-The fastest ways to get V-Bucks.-##


Nothing in life is free – this rule also and especially applies to free-to-play games. The developers of Fortnite also have to be able to afford a roof over their heads and so that their cartoonish shooter (now more than that) makes enough profit, they have introduced the so-called V-Bucks.


The silver coins are the premium currency of the immensely successful game. You can buy cute lama piñatas in the in-game shop, from which purely cosmetic items such as skins and gliders will fall. If you want to stand out from the online community, you can hardly get around such eye-catchers.


You can both unlock V-Bucks and buy them for real money in the shop. The problem: The virtual coins are – how could it be otherwise – only damn hard to get if you don’t want to lose real money. Worse still, in the game’s free battle-royal mode, farming the currency is almost hopeless. If you don’t want to gamble dozens of hours for a starvation wage (or alternatively invest a small fortune in the battle pass), you will inevitably have to play the paid save the world mode. Only in this “premium” mode of the game are there enough opportunities to make enough bucks. Find out more about these and how you can earn V-Bucks most efficiently below.


The creative way – why not learn about internet safety and get the chance to win 100K V-Bucks?

free V-Bucks

Sounds strange? A prevention website wants to draw attention with this unconventional method to the issue of online scams and internet safety. You can register and participate -no fee or whatsoever. The only catch – you will only get the chance to win V-Bucks, nothing guaranteed. But since you got nothing to lose and 100K to win, even I did it. Did not win tho.


Fortnite: Prices of V-Bucks in the shop for PS4, PC and Xbox One


You don’t have the time or the air to save yourself a lot of money, or you just don’t want to buy a certain cosmetic? There are many reasons to invest some real money in Fortnite. This is all the more true as the Battle Royale mode of the kid friendly shooter is completely free to play; in case of doubt there are a few Euros left over that could be knocked on the head.


If you want to buy V-Bucks in the shop, you pay the same prices regardless of your platform. These are staggered as follows:


  • 1.000 V-Bucks – 10 Euros
  • 2,800 V bucks – 25 euros
  • 7.500 V-Bucks – 60 Euro
  • 13.500 V-Bucks – 100 Euro


The real-money prizes in the premium currency are the same as in almost any other free-to-play game: the more euros you take in your hand, the greater the discount. Whether one should, therefore, butter 100 euros directly into a game, however, must make each with himself and his wallet.

Fortnite Save the Wrold

Earn V Bucks for Battle Royale: How to farm efficiently


Even if you don’t become an in-game millionaire within hours, there are surprisingly many ways to hoard a little treasure. How the methods work in detail and how much gravel they jump, you can read below.

Daily login reward: earn V-Bucks by logging in daily


This is probably the easiest way to get your hands on free V-Bucks. For every first login per day, a small amount of the game currency can be credited to your account. Of course you can’t make big jumps with it, but in the long run, something will get around. All you have to remember is to heat up the game once a day, even if you end it immediately afterwards because you don’t feel like or don’t have time to play.


The distribution is not uniform at the beginning and varies frequently. But if you log in persistently, you can look forward to the following sums after the first 70 days:

  • You will receive 150 V bucks every seven days.
  • Every 28th day you will receive 300 V bucks.
  • Each 112th day you will receive 800 V bucks.


V-Bucks through challenges

Fortnite Challenge

The challenges are primarily for beginners, as they are only possible until your home base reaches level 10. After all, you’ll get 50 V-Bucks for each challenge, so make as many as you can.


Farm free V-Bucks through daily quests


To keep you from getting bored in Fortnite, the system cobbles up a selection of new tasks as daily quests every day.

Basically, you can only have three of them in your log at a time, but you can exchange one order per day for another. You can process a maximum of nine jobs per day. For each order you complete, you will be rewarded with 50 V-Bucks, so that you can reach a maximum of 450 units of the coveted currency per day.

However, you can increase this sum with a handful of modifiers. For example, you will receive a nice bonus payment for completing tasks within a certain area: Of course, you can also spend V-Bucks earned in PvE mode on items in Battle Rale mode.


V-Bucks with storm shield defence farms


Another lucrative way to get free V-Bucks is the Storm Shield Defense missions in Save the World mode. There are always several of these quest points scattered on specific maps in different locations. Below is a list of all defence missions on the maps and how many V-Bucks you will receive if you successfully complete them.


If you are new to Fortnite Battle Royale, here’s a hint: certain areas below a certain level prove impossible. The best place to start is Steinwald, which is quite easy for beginners.


Stone forest

Home base Storm Shield Defense 1 to 6 – 100 V-Bucks each

Canny Valley

Canny Valley Storm Shield Defense 1 to 6 – 100 V bucks each


Plankerton Storm Shield Defense1 to 6 – 100 V-Bucks each

Twine  Peaks

Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense 1 to 6 – 100 V-Bucks each


V-Bucks preserved by milestones (collection)


The milestones in your collection book earn you by far the most V-Bucks – 500 pieces per completed collection. However, it will also take considerably more time to unlock them. Basically, you should only include those things in your collection that are duplicate or no longer needed, because once they are in the collection, they are gone forever.


Here a Video Guide on How to Farm efficiently:


Fortnite: Cube theory says Tilted Towers is in great danger

As in the past seasons, the rumor is that the Tilted Towers in Fortnite: Battle Royale will be released for launch. Whether meteorites, rockets or giant cubes, they could all destroy the city, right?

fortnite cube
The mysterious cube

Fortnite and the conspiracy theories: In Season 3, players have found irrefutable evidence that the Tilted Towers are being destroyed by a giant meteor. Epic has fuelled these speculations with signs on the roofs of the city.


At the end everything was half as wild, only Dusty Depot was partially destroyed, the resulting crater is called Dusty Divot since that day.


Tilted Towers could have gone down in Season 4 as well: The visitor launched a gigantic rocket that confused the dimensions and turned the swamps of Moisty Mire into a desert. Here, too, some were firmly convinced that Tilted Towers would be destroyed by the rocket.


Will the Tilted Towers now finally have to believe in it?

The editor PuckRedflix is convinced of this. He has released a video that combines the runes displayed on the cube into a pattern. This pattern shows: Tilted Towers.

fortnite riddle
case solved?

A total of eight symbols light up again and again on the cube. These signs make up the silhouette of the infamous city. PuckRedflix concludes that the Cube will in some way destroy the city.


Why destroy the Tilted Towers? According to the community, the city has significantly upset the game balance in Fortnite: Battle Royale:

  • The city is relatively central on the map and is almost always in the first storm circle, which leaves more time to collect loot.
  • The many buildings and angles make it possible to carry a considerable amount of loot out of the city, which can certainly bring an advantage in the final game.
  • Since on average 15-20 players land in the towers, other points on the map are orphaned and boring. Who wants action, must land compellingly in the city, so the opinion


Although the last point in particular cannot be proven, the Tilted Towers are a nuisance for many players. So will the Cube really raze the city to the ground? Of course I don’t.


That’s why Tilted Towers will survive this season as well: Those who took a close look will have noticed that parts of the city have been repaired and rebuilt over the past few weeks. Should the city really be destroyed, this effort would not have been worthwhile.


In addition, the dice have stopped their advance on the Fortnite: Battle Royale card. What he will do next is not known.


Epic knows how to fuel speculation: The signs on the roofs of the Tilted Towers in Season 3 were a deliberate diversion of the developer not to let the conspiracy theories fade away.


It is very likely that the symbols on the cube are just another distraction. The arrangement of the symbols does not necessarily have to belong to the tilted towers but has to mean something completely different.


What exactly the cube will do and what role the road trip skin will play in it is not yet known. However, it promises to be an exciting story.

5 Reasons to Add a Time Clock to Your Payroll System

Scheduling and handling employees are such a tedious task for the managerial department of any organization, be it small or giant. You can make errors while calculating work hours and overtime of your employees by punching clock cards. Because, admit it, if you are human you can bound to produce mistakes.


Now, all employees are salaried according to the data of your payroll system. If your payroll system is defective, your employee may conflict and this will hamper your work atmosphere.

Why not install a biometric time clock to improvise your payroll system?

These are the 5 reasons that might help you to make your mind.

1. Accurate Tracking of Work hours

Aren’t you tired of maintaining hundreds of attendance sheets and tallying it at the end of every month? And again you have to compare the entries with those submitted by your employees. Sometime your employees may be too busy to track their own time. Or, there’s always an existing chance of fraudulent activity by your employees especially at the ending of lunch breaks.


2. Simplified payroll system

The device will collect all the information from each and every employee and store it to a central file. All you have to do is access the data and activate the salary processing. There’s no delay in payments, so your employees are also satisfied.

3. Supervision

During an instance, your employee may be absent from the office when their presence is highly recommended. But if you fail to detect such activities, the employee may be overpaid. In a contrasting scenario, another employee may choose to work after the office hours and you being absent at that time may not render him his deserved share of payment.

Payroll system solves both of these dilemmas with complete ease.

4. Enforcement of terms

Sometimes many of your employees are so overburdened with the work that they may choose not to take their deserved span of a break. This will cause work stress resulting in frustration of your employees. You can access your payroll system to check if any employees have not taken a break and thus suggest them to go out and chill for a while!

5. Relocation of Records

Many a time you have to spend a lot of time to shift records to and from your company headquarters. But in case of a time clock based payroll system, all your attendance records will be stored in a central file.
You may notice a particular employee swiping in at two different office branches at the same time. You can detect this fraudulent activity and warn them about the same.


A time clock attached to your payroll system can work wonders for you! With so many added benefits wrapped in it, you work will no more be hassled. You can also order a free trial version to see if it is worth your money and the security of your organization.

5 reasons why online games are popular

5 reasons why online games are popular

Playing games is a great way of spending some relaxed time. It helps you to deal with stress and keeps your brain active. Online gaming has gained popularity in the recent years. People feel very excited to play these games. Here ae the reasons why.


Online games are accessible to the users. They can play it on their desktop, laptop or smartphone. It is easy to pick up a game and have a great experience. There are many easily accessible free online games available that you can enjoy. Just try the Google Gaming Apps or Apple’s Gaming Apps to get some really nice free games.

Extensive choice

Another reason free games are popular is because of the number of choices available. There are puzzle-based games, sports simulations, and more. There are games where you can even make money just by playing. There are just tons of choices nowadays.


You can play many online games for free. Some sites also give a rewards for playing well. There are some sites that will charge you, but they are affordable. Sometimes you need to buy their cash or bucks, or you buy upgrades, armor, buy a star or whatever that particular games wants you to spend money on. Charges can be as little as 10 cents. Everything really is cheap when it comes to online gaming.


The online games are enjoyable. There are games available for different levels of players, from beginners to the advanced level players. So, any player will find a suitable game to play.

Different opponents

You will find a variety of opponents in online games. You can play against your friends or with complete strangers. This increases the excitement and creates a competitive environment for playing.

Online games are fun and exciting. You get to be part of a community and learn new skills from other people. You get a chance to test your own skills as well. So, for some super exciting gaming experience, you must play online games.

Infographic by:

5 tips to choose the right gaming console

5 tips to choose the right gaming console

For a great gaming experience, buying the right gaming console is very important. Here are some tips to buy the right gaming console.

Do thorough research

This is a very important step in buying the right gaming console. Instead of wandering blindly in a store, you should check out what’s available in the market. You should read reviews and specifications and know the difference between the various gaming consoles before buying one for yourself.

Know what you want

If you are interested in games like racing, shooting or sports, then you should have a console with HG graphics. You can buy PS3, for example. If you are looking for various games of all ages then you can buy Wii.

Know the types of games available on the console

You must find out what kinds of games are available on various consoles. Different games are suitable for different platforms. You must get a great feel for the game using the appropriate console. You should realize that not all games are available on all platforms. So, you should choose a platform that allows you to play the type of games you want to play. And make sure you have a fast enough router.

Compare the prices

You can check various gaming websites to get the best deals online. You should compare the prices of various consoles in different sites to get the best deal. Most consoles are reliably built these days, but you should still be looking at things like construction, reliability reviews, warranties.

Take help from the shop assistant

Shop assistants know the different features of the gaming console and will be able to help you to find an appropriate console for you. Tell the shop assistant about your requirements and preferences and let the shop assistant guide you.

Consider these tips when buying a good gaming console. Without the right console, you won’t be able to have a good experience playing your favorite game.

Top 4 ways to improve your gaming experience

Top 4 ways to improve your gaming experience

You don’t need to buy the latest platform to improve your gaming experience. Some small additions can make all the difference. Here are some ways to have a great gaming experience without spending much money.

Analog stick covers

With use, the rubber grips of the controller start to fall apart. Instead of buying a new controller you can buy analog stick covers. This way your controller will last for a long time.

Capture equipment

For getting high-quality video, you need some dedicated gear. You can use Game Capture HD60 of Elgato. It will give you 1080p60 game capture. It works with any HDMI signal. So, the users of Xbox One and Xbox 360 can use it. For PS3 users, the older Game Capture HD is appropriate.

Remote play

The remote play option of PS4 is great. With PlayStation TV or Vita, you can play console games from any place. You can play it sitting in front of the big screen or on your bed.


You need a good headset to play the online multiplayer game. Communication is very important for strategy and tactics. So, a good quality headset is essential. You can buy HyerX headset fromKingston. It is a great cross platform solutions.

By including these in your gameplay you will be able to have a great experience in playing games. You will feel the difference these simple gears make to your gaming experience. So, do some research and buy these to enhance your gaming experience.