Fortnite: Cube theory says Tilted Towers is in great danger

As in the past seasons, the rumor is that the Tilted Towers in Fortnite: Battle Royale will be released for launch. Whether meteorites, rockets or giant cubes, they could all destroy the city, right?

fortnite cube
The mysterious cube

Fortnite and the conspiracy theories: In Season 3, players have found irrefutable evidence that the Tilted Towers are being destroyed by a giant meteor. Epic has fuelled these speculations with signs on the roofs of the city.


At the end everything was half as wild, only Dusty Depot was partially destroyed, the resulting crater is called Dusty Divot since that day.


Tilted Towers could have gone down in Season 4 as well: The visitor launched a gigantic rocket that confused the dimensions and turned the swamps of Moisty Mire into a desert. Here, too, some were firmly convinced that Tilted Towers would be destroyed by the rocket.


Will the Tilted Towers now finally have to believe in it?

The editor PuckRedflix is convinced of this. He has released a video that combines the runes displayed on the cube into a pattern. This pattern shows: Tilted Towers.

fortnite riddle
case solved?

A total of eight symbols light up again and again on the cube. These signs make up the silhouette of the infamous city. PuckRedflix concludes that the Cube will in some way destroy the city.


Why destroy the Tilted Towers? According to the community, the city has significantly upset the game balance in Fortnite: Battle Royale:

  • The city is relatively central on the map and is almost always in the first storm circle, which leaves more time to collect loot.
  • The many buildings and angles make it possible to carry a considerable amount of loot out of the city, which can certainly bring an advantage in the final game.
  • Since on average 15-20 players land in the towers, other points on the map are orphaned and boring. Who wants action, must land compellingly in the city, so the opinion


Although the last point in particular cannot be proven, the Tilted Towers are a nuisance for many players. So will the Cube really raze the city to the ground? Of course I don’t.


That’s why Tilted Towers will survive this season as well: Those who took a close look will have noticed that parts of the city have been repaired and rebuilt over the past few weeks. Should the city really be destroyed, this effort would not have been worthwhile.


In addition, the dice have stopped their advance on the Fortnite: Battle Royale card. What he will do next is not known.


Epic knows how to fuel speculation: The signs on the roofs of the Tilted Towers in Season 3 were a deliberate diversion of the developer not to let the conspiracy theories fade away.


It is very likely that the symbols on the cube are just another distraction. The arrangement of the symbols does not necessarily have to belong to the tilted towers but has to mean something completely different.


What exactly the cube will do and what role the road trip skin will play in it is not yet known. However, it promises to be an exciting story.

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    Did it already come true? I have heard it will change the lake. So what of both is it?


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