Hardly anybody knew it: YouTube finally stops flop service

Google has announced in a blog entry that the independent but less popular “YouTube Gaming” app will soon be discontinued. In the future, the gaming content from the app will all be focused on YouTube itself.

Since 2015, YouTube has offered gamers an independent app to view game content such as Let’s Play streams or Walkthroughs. The aim was to ensure that gaming specific content could be found “all in one place”.

Google has now announced that the app and thus also the “YouTube Gaming” service will be discontinued in March 2019. Instead, all content on the topic will in future be available at youtube.com/gaming.

In its blog post, YouTube cites the fact that it is possible to reach significantly more users with the same content on YouTube itself, although the app also has a “strong and dynamic community”. Last year, YouTube counted 200 million daily users in the gaming channels on its website alone.


YouTube Gaming: Features Remain Preserved


However, users of the YouTube gaming app will not have to do without the popular features of this app in the future. Super Chat, Dark Theme and Channel Memberships will remain available in the future.

In addition, overview pages will be created for individual games, but also for publishers or developers, under which any content on the topic complexes can be found. YouTube hopes that this will make it easy to find content on lesser-known games.

In addition, YouTuber, whose content is very popular at a certain point in time, is to be found under the sub-item “On The Rise”. The weekly presentation of a new Creator is also planned.

YouTube Gaming had a hard time right from the start, especially against the streaming veteran Twitch. User figures show that Twitch always had a clear lead over the YouTube version, especially in terms of user figures.



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  • October 7, 2018 at 2:23 pm

    Never used it! Good it’s gone


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