Online Funerals and Camaraderie between Online Players

Gaming has long been a part of the lives of many millions of people. Unfortunately, not only adults, but also adolescents, are affected by computer games. Children are most susceptible to computer dependence and it often happens that real life and virtual life are so closely intertwined that the line between them is practically erased.

Gamers with addictions have a changed perception of reality. Often, role-play games capture you so much that players in these virtual worlds, although never met in reality, become close friends.

The modern world dictates new trends that a few years ago would look wild, however, in reality we are now facing new variants of public relations in the world of Gaming. With the advent of virtual worlds in 1995, there appeared virtual funerals and cemeteries for players who died in real life. These virtual cemeteries are visited by gamers to honor the memory of those with whom they once shared the game. The memorial site name is World Wide Cemetery, and this is quite a popular place for virtual funerals with real grief.

Nowadays, there is such a form of dependence as attachment to the player. The identities of the gamers are close to their original appearance. But unlike real life, in the game you can be someone very big, someone respected and admired. Mourning online has its own language. It can be a code, like “o7” in the space-game Eve.

The game could be saved up to the location where the gamer last played, so that can be re-watched many times. Either the account of the passed away gamer can be kept alive for free, like it was done by the game developer Turbine for one of the players.

One of the famous fans of World of Warcraft was Robin Williams. When he passed away the company made in his honor some modifications of the characters. Another famous person was Steve Warner, the owner of some believe was the best football prediction site in the world. There are literally hundreds of “famous” people who you might not know of, but in the small gaming and online communites they were legends.

Funeral in real life can be accessed far not for everyone, but only for family members. While online funerals can have an unlimited number of participants and serve as a consolation for mourners over a virtual friend. Online mourning helps players cope with the very real feelings of grief and sadness.

However strange it may sound, virtual funerals and cemeteries should exist. This phenomenon is quite new for humanity, but still, in fact, they play the role of a buffer zone for the ejection of emotions, because online players are very attached to each other. To honor the memory of deceased players they can often directly in the game using their virtual characters.

Virtual universes grow from year to year. Also grow and virtual cemeteries. Internet cemeteries are visited not only by the players but also by the relatives and mourners of the deceased. Often the family wants to know more about the pastime of their lost member, to see what he actually saw himself. It happens that the relatives of the deceased players continue to play on their behalf, thereby supporting the living character of the game and preserving his avatar.

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