Fortnite – New event lets content creators earn money from their fans’ purchases

Fortnite – New event lets content creators earn money from their fans’ purchases

Epic lets Youtuber, Streamer and Co. profit from ingame purchases of their fans in Fortnite during an event.


Epic’s latest Event Support a Creator focuses on the content creators around Fortnite. These include Youtuber, Streamer and Cosplayer. Anyone who creates content around Fortnite will receive a share of the event’s profits when fans buy V bucks in-game for the real money currency.


The developer wants to honor and support everyone who creates content around Fortnite. The event starts next week on Monday, October 8th with the next Fortnite update and runs until December 31st.

In order to participate, fans only need to select Support a Creator when buying in the shop or via the Loot tab in “Save the World”. Then simply enter the Epic tag (the username) of your favorite creator. This remains selected for the rest of the event. Every time you spend V-Bucks (bought or earned in the game), you get a part of the revenue. You have to support a creator for at least 14 days, but you can change after that without any problems.

How to participate as Creator

If you are a Streamer, Youtuber, Cosplayer, Artist, Musician or you create content for Fortnite via another platform, you can apply for the event. Information on how to apply for the “Support a Creator” event can be found on the official website.

You must regularly create Fortnite content and have at least 1,000 followers on any platform. In addition, you must complete the Business Partner Agreement with Epic, follow the Creators Code of Conduct, and accept payments in the form offered. The financial contribution is five dollars or the equivalent of the local currency per 10,000 V bucks.

Fortnite: Get V-Bucks for free and buy in the shop – here’s how it works

##-The fastest ways to get V-Bucks.-##


Nothing in life is free – this rule also and especially applies to free-to-play games. The developers of Fortnite also have to be able to afford a roof over their heads and so that their cartoonish shooter (now more than that) makes enough profit, they have introduced the so-called V-Bucks.


The silver coins are the premium currency of the immensely successful game. You can buy cute lama piñatas in the in-game shop, from which purely cosmetic items such as skins and gliders will fall. If you want to stand out from the online community, you can hardly get around such eye-catchers.


You can both unlock V-Bucks and buy them for real money in the shop. The problem: The virtual coins are – how could it be otherwise – only damn hard to get if you don’t want to lose real money. Worse still, in the game’s free battle-royal mode, farming the currency is almost hopeless. If you don’t want to gamble dozens of hours for a starvation wage (or alternatively invest a small fortune in the battle pass), you will inevitably have to play the paid save the world mode. Only in this “premium” mode of the game are there enough opportunities to make enough bucks. Find out more about these and how you can earn V-Bucks most efficiently below.


The creative way – why not learn about internet safety and get the chance to win 100K V-Bucks?

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Sounds strange? A prevention website wants to draw attention with this unconventional method to the issue of online scams and internet safety. You can register and participate -no fee or whatsoever. The only catch – you will only get the chance to win V-Bucks, nothing guaranteed. But since you got nothing to lose and 100K to win, even I did it. Did not win tho.


Fortnite: Prices of V-Bucks in the shop for PS4, PC and Xbox One


You don’t have the time or the air to save yourself a lot of money, or you just don’t want to buy a certain cosmetic? There are many reasons to invest some real money in Fortnite. This is all the more true as the Battle Royale mode of the kid friendly shooter is completely free to play; in case of doubt there are a few Euros left over that could be knocked on the head.


If you want to buy V-Bucks in the shop, you pay the same prices regardless of your platform. These are staggered as follows:


  • 1.000 V-Bucks – 10 Euros
  • 2,800 V bucks – 25 euros
  • 7.500 V-Bucks – 60 Euro
  • 13.500 V-Bucks – 100 Euro


The real-money prizes in the premium currency are the same as in almost any other free-to-play game: the more euros you take in your hand, the greater the discount. Whether one should, therefore, butter 100 euros directly into a game, however, must make each with himself and his wallet.

Fortnite Save the Wrold

Earn V Bucks for Battle Royale: How to farm efficiently


Even if you don’t become an in-game millionaire within hours, there are surprisingly many ways to hoard a little treasure. How the methods work in detail and how much gravel they jump, you can read below.

Daily login reward: earn V-Bucks by logging in daily


This is probably the easiest way to get your hands on free V-Bucks. For every first login per day, a small amount of the game currency can be credited to your account. Of course you can’t make big jumps with it, but in the long run, something will get around. All you have to remember is to heat up the game once a day, even if you end it immediately afterwards because you don’t feel like or don’t have time to play.


The distribution is not uniform at the beginning and varies frequently. But if you log in persistently, you can look forward to the following sums after the first 70 days:

  • You will receive 150 V bucks every seven days.
  • Every 28th day you will receive 300 V bucks.
  • Each 112th day you will receive 800 V bucks.


V-Bucks through challenges

Fortnite Challenge

The challenges are primarily for beginners, as they are only possible until your home base reaches level 10. After all, you’ll get 50 V-Bucks for each challenge, so make as many as you can.


Farm free V-Bucks through daily quests


To keep you from getting bored in Fortnite, the system cobbles up a selection of new tasks as daily quests every day.

Basically, you can only have three of them in your log at a time, but you can exchange one order per day for another. You can process a maximum of nine jobs per day. For each order you complete, you will be rewarded with 50 V-Bucks, so that you can reach a maximum of 450 units of the coveted currency per day.

However, you can increase this sum with a handful of modifiers. For example, you will receive a nice bonus payment for completing tasks within a certain area: Of course, you can also spend V-Bucks earned in PvE mode on items in Battle Rale mode.


V-Bucks with storm shield defence farms


Another lucrative way to get free V-Bucks is the Storm Shield Defense missions in Save the World mode. There are always several of these quest points scattered on specific maps in different locations. Below is a list of all defence missions on the maps and how many V-Bucks you will receive if you successfully complete them.


If you are new to Fortnite Battle Royale, here’s a hint: certain areas below a certain level prove impossible. The best place to start is Steinwald, which is quite easy for beginners.


Stone forest

Home base Storm Shield Defense 1 to 6 – 100 V-Bucks each

Canny Valley

Canny Valley Storm Shield Defense 1 to 6 – 100 V bucks each


Plankerton Storm Shield Defense1 to 6 – 100 V-Bucks each

Twine  Peaks

Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense 1 to 6 – 100 V-Bucks each


V-Bucks preserved by milestones (collection)


The milestones in your collection book earn you by far the most V-Bucks – 500 pieces per completed collection. However, it will also take considerably more time to unlock them. Basically, you should only include those things in your collection that are duplicate or no longer needed, because once they are in the collection, they are gone forever.


Here a Video Guide on How to Farm efficiently: