Top 4 ways to improve your gaming experience

You don’t need to buy the latest platform to improve your gaming experience. Some small additions can make all the difference. Here are some ways to have a great gaming experience without spending much money.

Analog stick covers

With use, the rubber grips of the controller start to fall apart. Instead of buying a new controller you can buy analog stick covers. This way your controller will last for a long time.

Capture equipment

For getting high-quality video, you need some dedicated gear. You can use Game Capture HD60 of Elgato. It will give you 1080p60 game capture. It works with any HDMI signal. So, the users of Xbox One and Xbox 360 can use it. For PS3 users, the older Game Capture HD is appropriate.

Remote play

The remote play option of PS4 is great. With PlayStation TV or Vita, you can play console games from any place. You can play it sitting in front of the big screen or on your bed.


You need a good headset to play the online multiplayer game. Communication is very important for strategy and tactics. So, a good quality headset is essential. You can buy HyerX headset fromKingston. It is a great cross platform solutions.

By including these in your gameplay you will be able to have a great experience in playing games. You will feel the difference these simple gears make to your gaming experience. So, do some research and buy these to enhance your gaming experience.

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